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Horrific Tsunami in Japan

Japan hit by the disaster, Friday afternoon March 11, 2010, at around 14:46 local time.

The tsunami caused by an earthquake measuring 8.9 Richter (Scale Richter) struck the northeast coast and the resulting tsunami waves as high as 10 feet that swept the land, houses, cars and destroying agricultural lands, and all connections.

The largest earthquake occurred in northeastern Japan, after 140 years old. So far, Japan is known for frequently hit by earthquakes, but only this time accompanied by waves of tsunami earthquakes occur.

The tsunami was destroyed everything, Indonesia did not escape from it. Still recorded clear scar that takes hundreds of thousands of tsunami victims in Banda Aceh, December 2004. Then the next three months occurred in Nias. One more year, exactly 17 July 2006, the tsunami also occurred in Pangandaran, West Java. And tsunami occurred in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, 25 October 2010. All the settlements are located on the west coast islands were hit by waves up to killing hundreds of people.

Japan itself has not calculate yet how many victims of the horrific tsunami this afternoon. Reporting from some online media news, Climatology Meteorological and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) preach is rumored to be visited Indonesia tsunami.

More to the point again, in eastern Indonesia. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center based in Hawaii to predict the tsunami would arrive in Jayapura, Papua, 18:35 am Western Indonesian Time or 20:35 am Eastern Indonesian Time.

Here are the details of a number of locations in Indonesia which is expected to hit by the tsunami:
1. Berebere, North Maluku, at 17:58 pm
2. Manokwari, West Papua, at 18:18
3. Jayapura, Papua, 18:35 pm
4. Sorong, Papua, 18:35 pm

Not only that, the Japanese tsunami is predicted to spread to more than 50 islands and countries around the Pacific Ocean, including Indonesia. Tsunami even expected to reach Antarctica.

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