7 Rules to success when you study English

Hi. How are you doing today?

Are you having a good day?

I hope you are doing well.

How’s your English progress?? I hope everyday you practice with your friend to start a simply conversation.

Look at the picture, That’s my friends and I when we were in practice English class last year. It was a nice experience, studying English, discussing, playing, and hanging around, and surely, we are speaking English ^^

Now, they are moving around in Indonesia to teach English and I am here through my blog will share a bit about what I have learned.

Get a brief simply a relax situation. And get focus now…


Imagine yourself in a coffee shop, talking with an American. You are relaxed and smiling because you are communicating easily. The words come out quickly. You are a strong and respected English speaker. Your friends are surprised because you are speaking English so well.

Yes, Yeaah..You can and It’s you

You can do it! ^^

Aaarrggghhh,….but my mind keep saying like this :

Hmm…Dont worry, it’s all not as difficult as you think.

Think It’s Easy because I want you to succeed!

We are all same at first when having first time in studying, finding difficulties in speaking, grammar or even the biggest problem is lack of English vocabulary.

Dont worry be happy here ^^

Now I would like to share 7 Rules to success when you study English:

Remember The 7 Rules:
1. Learn Phrases
2. Don’t Study Grammar
3. Focus On Listening
4. Learn Deeply (Repeat A Lot)
5. Use Point of View Stories
6. Use Only Real English Materials
7. Use Listen & Answer Stories

Take care,

Ratna Keys

ps: I just want to apologize for my absence. I have been working as much as possible in the last this week preparing my next project. But I promise, on next month, I will often post more ^^

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