I love Monday- Learning Writing in English-

Welcome to English Self Study Blog

Hi, welcome to English study blog with me. Monday, Oct’ 18th 2010.
How was your weekend? Was it fun?! Or maybe was it full of stressful day because studying all day long?! Well, hoping that all of you enjoying all your weekend and it will be good if some of you don’t mind to share short of story of your weekend here. ^^
As for me, I spend my weekend by shopping all day; I went to bookstore and a boutique.

Every month I always spend two times for visiting bookstore, and buy some good book.
I was happy yesterday; I found all what I needed. How about you?
HOooaamm….Gosh, it’s Monday again! Time flies so fast. I just enjoying my weekend but now I have to ready back to routine, work, work and work.

I would like to share about how to pump up our spirit on Monday.
Hmm…many people saying that, they Hate Monday! Because, they feel aren’t ready to have routine, go to work or go to study. But I do saying “I Love Monday”
Well, I have to admitted that’s not totally love Monday at first, but since I woke up this morning, I already decide that I am gonna Love Monday, then I turn on my fave music to gathering some good mood. And it works!
After I feel good, I took my breakfast, which is only drink a glass of chocolate calcium milk and get ready to catch up the bus at work.

Start your day by doing things that you like. Share here ^^

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